President´s agenda

Cristina to head ceremony to move San Martin´s curved saber to the National History Museum

President Cristina Fernandez is heading on Sunday the ceremony with the move of Liberator Jose de San Martin´s curved saber from the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers that bears his name, to the National Historical Museum.

Electoral year

According to the Gov't the coming labor ​strikes are politically motivated.

Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez held he “has no doubts”, that the ​strikes​ announced for June 4 and June 9 by some labor​​ unions “are linked to the electoral situation”.

At Cannes Festival

Argentine film "La patota", won the best picture award

Telam. National news agency of Argentina. May 22, 2015. The Argentine film “La Patota” (The Mob), directed by Santiago Mitre and with Dolores Fonzi as star actress, won the Best Picture Award of the 68th Cannes Festival´s critics´contest.

Aerolineas Argentinas flag carrier

Aerolineas flight reservation went up a 50 % for the three-day weekend

The rise in reservation of flights of flag carrier arline Aerolineas Argentinas was due to the long-weekend related to May 25 conmemoration.