205th May Revolution anniversary

The May Revolution celebrations to culminate with a huge Plaza de Mayo rally

The May Revolution celebrations shall wind up on Monday afternoon with a massive rally at the Plaza de Mayo, to be addressed by President Cristina Fernandez.

May Revolution anniversary

President Cristina attended Te Deum ceremony at the Luján Basilica

President Cristina Fernandez attended the solemn​ ​Te Deum ceremony at the Luján Basilica , commemorating Argentina​´​s May Day anniversary​.

Chaco governor celebrates victory

Capitanich devoted PASO triumph in Chaco to President Cristina

Kirchnerism, represented in the province of Chaco by the “ruling Chaco Merece Más front" was handily winning the PASO elections held on Sunday in that district.

The President on Twitter

May 25 celebration started at the new Nestor Kirchner Cultural Center, wrote Cristina

Through her Twitter account, President Cristina Fernandez highlighted that the celebration of the 205th anniversary of the May Revolution started this Monday with the National Symphonic Orchestra playing the Argentine national anthem from the new Nestor Kirchner Cultural Center inaugurated last week and performed by Elena Roger.